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California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse on Aruba
Almost as soon as you venture away from the main tourist strip on Aruba, you start to discover an unusual and incredibly interesting history to this Caribbean island. One of the focal points of this local history is the California Lighthouse, found on Aruba’s northwest tip. The lighthouse was originally named for the steamship California, which wrecked nearby in 1891. After that wreck the lighthouse was constructed in order to prevent future wrecks from occurring. Today you can visit the lighthouse and even eat lunch at an adjacent restaurant.
Explore the rough side of Aruba by Jeep
Most first-time visitors to Aruba are surprised to find that the island has an unusual natural side. Sure there are beautiful beaches surrounded by palm trees, but on the North Shore of the island you’ll find something completely different. Rent a Jeep for the day and go off-roading to discover steep cliffs and boulder laden fields, the looks of which seem almost otherworldly. Getting back to basics and experiencing the dynamic natural side of Aruba is a fun way to spend the day when you’ve had your fill of beach chairs.
Explore the rough side of Aruba by Jeep Noord  Aruba

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