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Balneario Sun Bay

Bring on the Dancing Horses
Descended from horses brought over in the 16th century by Spanish conquistadors, hundreds of wild horses rule the little island of Vieques.

The horses, an attraction in their own right, dot the landscape wherever you go. With every encounter, I couldn't help but slow down and admire their beauty. They are naturally intelligent and curious, so don't be surprised if they approach you or your vehicle looking for little treats.

For a guaranteed encounter, look no further than Sun Bay—where I snapped this picture. Here, they graze, take frequent sand baths, and (if you're lucky) cool their hooves in the blue waters of the Caribbean.
Caribbean Island Wild Horses
One of the best things we did while visiting Sun Bay Beach in Vieques was take a lazy morning walk from Esparanza to Sun Bay on the beach. It was a very relaxing walk, and a great place to take photos of the beach, wild horses, and sea crabs. Oddly, the locals will say most places are "too far" to walk to, but this was pretty close.

We first met here for Abe's Tour of the bio bay, and even at dusk, the park was filled with wild horses. It was stunning to see so many in their natural habitat—such a beautiful place.

Some adventure companies may offer horseback riding on the beach, but we opted for motorinis and kayaking instead.
Caribbean Island Wild Horses  Vieques  Puerto Rico

Vieques 00765, Puerto Rico