These Are 2024’s Travel Destinations to Watch, According to TikTok

The video app’s hashtags tell a story of the cities, states, and countries that are grabbing travelers’ attention.

people walking on street during daytime in Osaka Japan, with signs in Japanese. Some of the storefronts have giant sculptures of animals as their signs, like a chicken or a turtle. A TV tower is visible at the end of the street

As measured by the rising popularity of its hashtag, Japan is one of the most popular countries on TikTok.

Photo by Nomadic Julien/Unsplash

A bizarre Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen you have to try. A beautifully shot clip of dolphins that inspires you to book your dream vacation to Fiji. World-class museums and art exhibitions you have to see to believe. If you’ve planned a trip sometime in the past few years, chances are social media somehow influenced which destinations skyrocketed to the top of your travel wish list.

With more than 1 billion global active users (including more than 150 million users in the United States alone), TikTok’s impact can’t be overstated, especially when it comes to travel. In April 2023, tourism marketing agency MGH conducted a survey of 1,139 U.S. TikTok users to evaluate how the app cultivates interest in travel. The study found that 60 percent of the users surveyed felt inspired to travel to a new place after seeing a video about it on the app. Meanwhile, 35 percent turned that inspiration into action, booking trips to destinations they saw on the app.

Thanks to recent data supplied by TikTok (collected by the company between January and December of 2023), we also know which destinations are rising through the ranks to become some of the app’s most popular escapes—and could, in turn, become 2024’s destinations to watch. According to TikTok, here are some of the cities, states, and countries whose hashtags saw the most growth on TikTok last year.

Country hashtags on the rise on TikTok

  1. #Mexico: 180 billion global views
  2. #France: 72.6 billion global views
  3. #Japan: 53.7 billion global views
  4. #Canada: 47.9 billion global views
  5. #Italy: 43.7 billion global views

#Mexico is the country hashtag to watch on TikTok

Garnering 180 billion global views in 2023, Mexico has seen a massive jump in popularity since 2022: Posts containing #Mexico saw an increase of nearly 60 percent.

It’s no wonder users are excited to share all the details of their trip: Mexico has something for everyone. Travelers can find arts and culture in Guadalajara, Michelin-starred meals in Mexico City, and luxurious beach resorts along both coasts from Cancun to Los Cabos, to name only a few of the country’s best places to visit.

City hashtags on the rise on TikTok

  1. #Dubai: 76.8 billion global views
  2. #NewYorkCity and #NYC: 54.6 billion global views
  3. #Paris: 47.8 billion global views
  4. #Miami: 32.1 billion global views
  5. #LosAngeles: 22.9 billion global views
@dubai_official_1 dubai #dubai #fypシ #dubai🇦🇪 @TikTok Trends @Khabane lame @TikTok ♬ Dreams - Hamidshax

#Dubai views grew by 50 percent in 2023

Home to the world’s tallest building and a slew of other, equally dazzling architectural oddities, Dubai is one of TikTok’s fastest-rising cities of 2023—it defeated such beloved destinations as New York and Paris by tens of millions of views. Known for its world-famous skyline and peerless glamour (both occasionally contentious among travelers), there’s certainly plenty to talk about regarding the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates.

A quick scroll through #Dubai is a visual buffet of glittering mega-skyscrapers, designer outfits, and sand-surfing day trips, all of which easily catch the eyes of curious viewers.

U.S. state hashtags on the rise on TikTok

  1. #NewYork: 42.4 billion global views
  2. #Texas: 33.8 billion global views
  3. #California: 32.3 billion global views
  4. #Colorado: 6.4 billion global views
  5. #Arizona: 7.9 billion global views

The #NewYork hashtag had 100 percent more views in 2023

Whether you’ve never set foot in the Empire State or you’ve called it home for years, chances are New York content has made its way onto your For You page in 2023.

Not surprisingly, New York City is easily one of the most well-documented destinations on TikTok. See the viral chaos of @SubwayCreatures and Caleb W. Simpson’s popular apartment tours with celebrities, influencers, and fascinating locals.

But it isn’t only the five boroughs that have gotten their fair share of popularity this year. A slew of other New York State destinations have received plenty of love from users in 2023, including laid-back hotels, small towns (and their sense of humor), and impressive nature. The hype may be largely thanks to the autumn and winter months, when fall foliage and blankets of snow wow travelers. It may also be due to visitors from the city, who meticulously document their rejuvenating weekends away for the internet.

Tiana Attride is AFAR’s social media editor. Previously, she’s worked on content and audience development at Vogue, Thrillist, Away, and Insider.
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