There’s still time to fit in a few more trips to the beach this year.

With temperatures in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic forecasted to be higher than usual this fall, now is the time to plan a September beach trip.

If you’re planning a fall foliage getaway for late September, you might want to reconsider and keep your beach bag packed for a trip to the coast instead. According to recent reports from meteorologists at both the National Weather Service and AccuWeather, warm summer-like weather is expected to continue into the beginning of fall across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

“There are probably going to be people at the beaches for a longer duration this year compared to other years,” AccuWeather expert long-range forecaster Paul Pastelok said in a statement. So go ahead and add a weekend trip to the best beaches in Rhode Island or Long Island’s North Fork to your calendar after Labor Day.

The National Weather Service’s three-month outlook also predicts slightly warmer than average weather in the Southeast in September, October, and November. Keep in mind that fall is also peak hurricane season in that area of the United States. This year, AccuWeather is predicting as many as two to three “tropical impacts”—tropical storms or hurricanes—in the Southeast and other Gulf states. 

Fans of fall weather will have to wait until October for a cooldown to come to the Northeast, which means that the peak of fall foliage season could also be delayed there, too. But a late start doesn’t mean fall colors will be drab once they do appear. AccuWeather says that in addition to being warm, the beginning of the season will remain dry, allowing the leaves to take on their usual vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges when they finally do begin to turn.

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