Go Glamping at a New Igloo Lodge in Greenland This Winter

If you’re lucky, the Northern Lights might also make an appearance.

Go Glamping at a New Igloo Lodge in Greenland This Winter

Inside one of the five igloos Off the Map Travel built this winter in Greenland.

Courtesy of Mads Asbjørn Klausen/Off the Map Travel

Maybe you’ve spent the night in a glamping bubble, or even camped like a fancy pioneer in a covered wagon. But now the truly adventurous can experience Greenland’s great outdoors at the new Igloo Lodge that Off the Map Travel—the U.K.-based Arctic travel specialists—built this winter.

The lodge consists of five traditional igloos hand-built in the style of the local Inuit people. Each igloo sleeps two people and comes fully stocked with reindeer skins and sleeping bags to keep warm (plus a petroleum lamp for light).


It’ll be cold, but reindeer skins are provided to keep guests warm.

Courtesy of Mike Rinno Kruse/Off the Map Travel

“As soon as you enter the igloo, you see the craftsmanship that goes into its creation, a skill that’s been passed down through generations,” Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel, said in a statement. “It’s quite special to lie back and sleep there just as the Inuits have done for thousands of years.”

While temperatures outside will be well below freezing, the temperatures hover around 32ºF inside the igloos. Bathrooms and a communal meal area are located inside a nearby wooden cabin.


A dining area and bathrooms are located in a nearby cabin.

Courtesy of Mike Rinno Kruse/Off the Map Travel

The Ilulissat Igloo Experience can be booked from January 2019 until early April. A five-day, four-night experience starts at £999 (US$1,270) per person and includes three nights at Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat and one night in an igloo nearby on the west coast of Greenland.

As for activities, not only are snowshoeing and snowmobiling included in the package, but also two Northern Lights safaris, which is great considering most of the country lies within the Arctic Circle, making it one of the best places to see the aurora borealis in world.

While the exact location of the campsite hasn’t been revealed, Off the Map Travel will arrange transfers to and from the regional airport in Greenland for guests. To book this trip, visit Off the Map Travel’s website or email info@offthemap.travel.

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