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5 Classic Danish Foods We're Dying to Try at NYC's Newest Eatery

By Matt Duckor

Apr 9, 2016

From the May/June 2016 issue

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Nothing says "Danish" like pastry—say, a kanelsnurres from the new Great Northern Food Hall.

Photo Courtesy of the Great Northern Food Hall

Nothing says "Danish" like pastry—say, a kanelsnurres from the new Great Northern Food Hall.

This Scandanavian sensation is pulling into Grand Central Station

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Take the architectural grandeur of Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall, add one of Copenhagen’s top-tier food wizards, and what do you get? The new Great Northern Food Hall—slated to open in May—serving up a collection of Danish deli foods, pantry staples, and pastries, helmed by Noma cofounder Claus Meyer. Try the classics:

Roast pork sandwich: Meyer’s signature dish, this combination of roast pork, crackling pork skin, red cabbage, and house-baked bread is a must-order.

Porridge: Slow-cooked grød (Danish porridge) is mixed with your choice of decidedly Nordic toppings: raw licorice, pickled gooseberries, or rye bread crumble.

Danish pastry: What else are you going to order from a sweets case brought to you by Meyer, owner of one of Denmark’s finest bakeries? Fillings include apple jam, marzipan, and sweetened custard.

Rye bread: Naturally, Meyer’s team will bake Denmark’s signature dense rye loaves. Their secret ingredient? Svedjerug, an ancient Danish rye varietal grown in partnership with local farmers in Connecticut and Maine.

Nordic-inspired salad: Choose from such Scando combinations as cabbage with duck confit and plum-vinegar dressing, and kale with pickled pumpkin, crispy pumpkin seeds, and sour cream dressing.

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