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Sorry, your Mario Kart costumes didn’t come close to these ones.

It may come as surprise, but it’s only in the last seven years that Halloween has really taken off in Tokyo, world capital of obsessive fashion. The party really picks up in the hip and stylish Shibuya neighborhood. Here, a peek at some of our favorite moments from Halloween 2015 to inspire you to book a trip for next year’s bash.

Sorry, your Mario Kart costumes didn’t come close to these ones.
Gotta go with the classic ghost getup.
We dig the Pharoh-meets-Kanye-circa-2007 look.
Who ya gonna call? These guys.
One thing we learned about Halloween in Japan: They love the holiday’s gore factor.
Contact lens game: strong.
Dead brides galore!
Unclear how he got up there, but everyone looks pretty pumped that he did.
We only wish our birthdays looked like this.
The whole blue-and-pink look is really working.
 When in doubt, go classic.
Fake bloody and creepy contacts example 5302.
Minions weren’t just popular here in the U.S.
 Captain America…in Tokyo!
Angels are always a solid costume choice.
Bet your bottom dollars that’s Annie!
One way to bait new followers: dress as Instagram.
 Dead (or severely injured) Mario and Luigi (plus BABY MARIO!)
Don’t overlook the killer eyeliner.
 We found Waldo. He’s in Shibuya.
Well, hello, kitty purse.

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