Multicultural Restaurant Mix, Toronto
Toronto's cultural melting pot shows in its food. From Little India to Little Portugal, and Koreatown to Little Italy, you’re likely to find it in Toronto—sometimes right next to each other, and sometimes all mixed up in culinary blending acts!

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Vintage Shopping in Kensington Market

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The vintage shops in Kensington Market are some of the best I’ve ever seen—dresses, old suede jackets, leather cowboy boots, and hats from an era past are mixed in with Bob Marley themed-everything. This is the perfect area to peruse and wander, especially on a sunny day.

Dip into artisanal cheese shops like Global Cheese, as well as Charcuteries, eclectic candy shops, and coffeehouses. Kensington Market is the ultimate place for a day with no plans. Wander through the graffiti street art alleyways and grab some food, take it to the park and soak up the mix of old and new in this beautifully diverse area of Toronto.

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