The Best Restaurants in Marrakesh
The best restaurants in Marrakesh include lovingly restored and opulent riads serving haute cuisine as well as street stalls in Place Jamaa El-Fna that specialize in only one dish. Moroccan cuisine makes liberal use of spices, herbs, and dried fruits. Other than couscous, the most iconic Moroccan dish is likely the tagine, a rich stew cooked in a clay pot. A tangia is similar, though the pot is a different shape. Marrakesh restaurants also commonly serve pastilla, a kind of filled pastry.

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Dar Moha Restaurant

At the poolside restaurant Dar Moha, hungry travelers can dine on couscous with foie gras, lamb shank tagine with ras el hanout jus, and chakhchoukha, a caramelized apple tart spiced with saffron. Enjoy your meal at one of the candlelit tables while a musician plays the oud, a stringed instrument similar to a lute. —Jennye Garibaldi

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