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The Peter Tosh Memorial

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Located in his birthplace—the scenic, seafront village of Belmont—this former original member of The Wailers and famous Reggae artist's tomb is located on the grounds of the Peter Tosh Memorial. Aside from his burial site, which fans are able to visit, the large property—simple and maintained by his family—also serves as the site of an annual Peter Tosh Tribute and festival held in February. If you’re lucky enough to catch it, you’ll be exposed to authentic Rastafarian culture and people all day long. From their vibrant costumes to the Nyabinghi drums that resonate all afternoon, and the various foods and vendors, it’s a rare look into a surviving culture born in Jamaica. On regular days, you can stop by the Memorial and chat with family members, who can tell you about the life of one of the most popular Rastafarians in the world, in exchange for a small donation. Reggae fans will certainly want to include this stop on the way around the western coast.

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