Can’t Miss Things To Do in Bilbao, Spain [VIDEO]

Join us as we explore this underrated corner of Spain’s Basque country.

Join Spain-based video editor, Claudia Cardia, as she shows you the best things to do in Bilbao Spain on a 48-hour long getaway to this city in Spain’s Basque country. From trying some of the city’s famous pinxtos to viewing art in the famous Guggenheim, these are the can’t miss things to do while traveling in Bilbao, along with some local tips and secrets to make the most of your trip.

For a perfect 48 hours in Bilbao, Spain, we recommend:

00:26 Try some pinxtos on a pinxto bar crawl
00:57 Visit the Mercado de la Ribera
01:22 Enjoy the parks and views of the city
01:41 Spend an afternoon at the Guggenheim Museum
02:02 Take a day trip to the coast

Watch the full video to find out why we recommend each of these activities, along with tips and highlights for each activity — like which spots have our favorite pinxtos or what wine to order with them.

For more information and trip planning trips, head over to our travel guide to Spain.

Claudia Cardia is a video editor for AFAR. She is originally from Sardinia, Italy and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.
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