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Top Attractions in Redwood National Park

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The Redwood National and State Parks cover 139,000 acres, which can be a lot of ground to cover. Hit up these highlights to find the tallest trees, greenest groves, and best beaches.
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Fern Canyon, California 95555, USA
The name lets you know what you're in for, but it doesn't capture the scope of the canyon or the sheer number of ferns. Shooting up from a creek, the canyon walls are 50 feet high in places and completely covered in ferns and mosses, some of which...
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US-101 & Redwood Hwy, Orick, CA 95555, USA
There's tons to see in Redwood National Park and the three surrounding state parks, so it's a good idea to orient yourself at a visitor center. The main one is the Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center in Orick, which is particularly convenient if...
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Tall Trees Access Road, McKinleyville, CA 95519, USA
Seeing the redwoods is all about spending time with tall trees, so naturally, then, stopping in at Tall Trees Grove makes sense. The giants here are over 100 meters high, or as tall as a 35-story building. The grove used to be home to the tallest...
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Bald Hills Rd, Orick, CA 95555, USA
All the redwood trees in the parks can start to blend together, making it hard for any one area to stand out. But Lady Bird Johnson Grove will. There's a reason Johnson gave her name to this patch of enchanting tall trees and rolling fog. What...
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Enderts Beach Rd, California, USA
This beach is remote, but worth the trip—especially at low tide when the tide pools are full of sea stars, sea urchins, and green anemones. It's about a mile on foot from the Coastal Trail trailhead, past Nickel Creek campground, to the...
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Klamath, CA 95548, USA
Redwood National Park is best known for its redwoods, obviously, but there's also a long coastline right there. The Klamath River Overlook—where the river meets the Pacific—gives you a spectacular vantage point over the water and is a...
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235 Lighthouse Way, Crescent City, CA 95531, USA
Battery Point was one of the first lighthouses on the California coast, and today its unique island spot makes for a historical visit that doesn't have to be boring. The Del Norte County Historical Society operates the lighthouse and its...
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A 10-mile drive in Prairie Creek State Park, this scenic parkway brings you through a tunnel of majestic redwoods. See if you can spot elk from the car window. Conveniently, the parkway starts near the Prairie Creek Visitor Center, and you pass a...
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15336 US-101, Trinidad, CA 95570, USA
It's not one of the Redwood National and State Parks, but Humboldt Lagoons is a local favorite. One of the largest lagoon systems in the United States, this state park houses three of them: Freshwater, Stone, and Big Lagoon (from north to south)....
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15500 US-101, Klamath, CA 95548, USA
Yes, there's a hint of the American-road-trip cheese factor, but for a family on the stretch of road from Northern California to Oregon on Highway 101, this stop would be a home run. It's 36 miles south of the Oregon border, amid the miles of...
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67402 Drive Thru Tree Rd, Leggett, CA 95585, USA
So you want to drive through a tree? Well, you've got options. (At least for now. Since no new drive-through trees will be created any time soon, for obvious environmental reasons, the existing ones are maybe the last of their kind.) There are...
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38949 CA-299, Willow Creek, CA 95573, USA
This isn't technically a Bigfoot museum, but it is dedicated to the history of the area, namely eastern Humboldt County and western Trinity County. It just so happens that the region is known as "Bigfoot Country," so it's understandable the...