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Top Attractions in Panama

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It’s small compared to other capitals, but Panama City’s historical role as a port and part of a canal that brought together people, commodities, and customs from every corner of the planet endows it with a cosmopolitan air. Come visit a tiny giant.
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Panama City, Panama
To see the Panama Canal in person is to dive deeply into that nation’s history. Coming from the capital, the closest entry point is the Miraflores Visitor Center. Dedicate enough time to check out exhibitions that reveal why the waterway was...
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Cinta Costera, Panamá, Panama
The Cinta Costera is a seaside walk that follows the shores of Panama Bay and features recreational areas and green spaces, sports facilities, and bike paths. A very popular spot, especially on weekends, the promenade brings together all of...
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Av. B 7-53, Panamá, Panama
You can enter the old colonial city—called the Casco Viejo—between the Mercado del Marisco and Sabores del Chorrillo. Panama City was moved here back in 1673, after being sacked and burned in 1671. The district today is resplendent...
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San Felipe, Panama City, Panama
If by day the colonial quarter gives a glimpse of the city’s past, by night it becomes the capital’s holy temple of rumba. Legendary venues like the historic Teatro Amador and the Gatto Blanco roof are Panamanian electronica...
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Vía Cincuentenario, Panamá, Panama
A little more than six miles east of the Casco Viejo lie the ruins of Panamá la Vieja (“the old Panama City”), a compound of historical monuments marking where it all started, five centuries ago. The area served as the Spanish...
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Ancon Hill, Panama City, Panama
Cerro Ancón, or Ancón Hill, is a patriotic symbol for all Panamanians. While the Stars and Stripes waved atop the hill throughout the period of United States control of the canal, now the proud promontory...
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Calz. de Amador 136, Panamá, Panama
Slowly but surely, the Frank Gehry-designed BioMuseo is evolving into its shape in Panama City. The opening's delay can be forgiven when you consider that the museum is dedicated to billions of years of evolution—not exactly a modest...
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Plaza de la Independencia, Calle 5a Este, Panamá, Panama
The structure in the Casco Viejo that houses this museum has a fascinating history. When it was built back in 1874, its facade—which features mansard roofs and gaslights—was an architectural novelty for Panama. Count Ferdinand de...
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Corregimiento de Cristobal,IA 5, Panama City 7338, Panama
The town of Gamboa lies at the center of a rain forest on the banks of the Panama Canal, where Lake Gatún and the River Chagres meet about 20 miles from the capital. Gamboa’s Summit Park is home to Panama’s national bird, the...
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San Blas Islands, Panama
About a 45 minute boatride from Panama City, you can spend the day at the beach in San Blas. I loved how quiet and laid back the town was. There were a ton of sea shells on this beach as well. I had fun collecting along the beach and then tossing...
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La Alameda, Panamá, Panama
Parque Natural Metropolitano, one of Central America’s only protected areas, lies inside the city limits and is one of the last redoubts of the all-but-disappeared Central American Pacific dry tropical forest, where trees shed leaves in the...
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Panama’s principal Baha’i temple exudes peace and serenity 770 feet above sea level. The religion’s houses of worship are prayer and meditation spaces open to all, regardless of individual belief, social group, or ethnicity. The...
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Calle Isaac Hanono Missri, Panamá, Vía Israel, Panamá, Panama
In Panama you really can buy cheap and cheerful, even when it comes to exclusive boutiques and high-end labels, because of low import duties. In truth it seems as if there were a new mall opening every day, like so many mushrooms after a rain....
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Calz. de Amador, Panamá, Panama
The causeway known as Calzada de Amador was constructed a century ago from nearly 3.5 million cubic feet of excavated material from the Panama Canal. It was built as a breakwater for ships awaiting entry as well as to connect Naos, Culebra,...
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Av Central, Panamá, Panama
Avenida Central is a lively street outside Casco Viejo, full of discount clothing stores, cafes, restaurants, and food carts. Many of the businesses feature hand-painted signs, which add to the festive atmosphere of the street.