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The Best Places to Drink in Peru

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The iconic pisco sour is Peru's national drink, but there are plenty of other must-try beverages around the country. Check out coca tea and the different alcoholic and non-alcoholic corn-based drinks, for starters. The Amazon is home to various sweet and flowery elixirs, many of which are said to be aphrodisiacs. And Peru is also one of the world's most important coffee producers. Here are the best places to drink around Peru.
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Peru, Huaraz, Peru
Craft beers are becoming a major global trend, and Peru is by no means exempt. There are several great craft beer brands in Perú, including Barbarian, Cumbres, Moustache, Nuevo Mundo, and Magdalena. Some of them even feature unique Peruvian...
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Portal Espinar 115, Cusco 08000, Peru
The coca plant has experienced some controversy in the past years, to the point that many visitors may forget the real, traditional value of the coca leaf. Since the pre-Inca period, locals have used coca leaves as a powerful stimulant that fights...
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339, Av Tullumayo, Cusco 08000, Peru
Chicha de Jora is a traditional alcoholic beverage from the Andes region. Since Incan times, the locals have consumed this drink during important cultural and religious festivities. The chicha, which is made by fermenting a specific variety of...
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Jirón Ucayali 201, Cercado de Lima 15001, Peru
Pisco, a distilled grape brandy, is the Peruvian national liquor. Arguably the most popular way to drink pisco is mixed into a Pisco Sour, the famous national cocktail. The most classic version of this drink combines pisco with key lime juice,...
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Alfredo Benavides 730, Miraflores, Peru
Chicha morada is a typical Peruvian corn-based beverage that is popular among all the regions. Unlike its cousin chicha de jora, this is a non-alcoholic drink. Chicha morada is prepared from a base of Andean purple maize. Traditionally, the purple...
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Jirón Paruro 878, Cercado de Lima 15001, Peru
Inka Kola is the Peruvian national soft drink. The brand is licensed by Coca Cola, but the recipe itself was concocted in 1935 by a British immigrant. The sweet flavor comes from lemon verbena (herba luisa), which is said to taste somewhat like...
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Hot chocolate may not sound like a Peruvian classic. However, this country grows some of the best cacao in the world, and sampling the local chocolate can be an exquisite experience. Be sure to visit the ChocoMuseo, a Latin American chocolate...
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Malecón Cisneros 1470, Miraflores 15074, Peru
Located in Lima's Miraflores District, El Señorío de Sulco is a great place for your first Pisco Sour, Peru's most famous cocktail. The drink is made with just a few ingredients—pisco (a grape-based alcohol), lime juice, simple syrup, egg white,...
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Calle Las Begonias 450, San Isidro 00027, Peru
The Westin brand’s first foray into South America was, at least when it opened in 2011, the tallest building in all of Peru. That distinction has since been taken over by the Edificio Banco Continental (BBVA) nearby, but the glass-and-steel tower...
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Jirón Carabaya 100, Cercado de Lima 15001, Peru
In a rush to make it to the Monastery of San Francisco in historic downtown Lima, I almost missed this place. The bar is located on a corner, behind wood and glass doors. "Hemingway" was my first thought as I passed in a rush—I knew I had to come...
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Pevas cdra. 1, Iquitos 00016, Peru
The Peruvian Amazon offers an interesting line-up of liquors, many of them said to be potent aphrodisiacs. These liquors often contain high levels of honey and pollen, along with various barks and roots from exotic plants found amid this region's...
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Calle Gral Recavarren 269, Miraflores 15074, Peru
Peru is one of the most important coffee producers worldwide, and it is recognized for some of the best organic coffee brands on the planet. Trying a good cup of coffee in Peru should definitely be on your list. The most important regions that...