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The Best of Namibia

Namibia offers the opportunity to disconnect, which makes it an alluring destination. In the developed south, you'll pass farmlands and fields. In the north, you'll discover the special people and species who have adapted to life in this harsh desert environment. The best way to experience Namibia is to rent a 4x4 and zigzag your way across this vast country. With only three people per square kilometer, you may well have the whole place to yourself.
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B4, Kolmanskop, Namibia
Kolmanskop is a ghost town that was abandoned by German miners after the 1920's. In the 1980's, diamond giant De Beers refurbished some of the structures and established an on-site museum. After you check in and get your permit, you're allowed to...
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D826, Namibia
Minutes after we departed, our balloon climbed to an altitude where we could view the ever-expansive Namib Sand Sea. Our pilot, Dennis, was the son of the founder of Namib Sky Balloons and had grown up on farm we flew over moments after our...
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C14 & C19 Junction - Unit D, Solitaire, Namibia
“It’s not even a town or a village, don’t call it that; it’s more of a pit-stop, really." Solitaire, Namibia, the pit-stop Moose McGregor calls home, contains nothing more than a general store, a small lodge, his bakery, and the only gas station...
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Hoba West Farm,, Grootfontein, Namibia
You probably had no idea that the world's largest meteorite is located in Namibia. It was discovered in Grootfontein in the early 1920's, by a farmer while plowing his field. Much to his surprise, he came upon a massive 66-ton hunk of iron and...
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Walvis Bay, Namibia
One of the top restaurants in Namibia is located in the tiny shipping industry town of Walvis Bay. Lyon des Sables is located on the upstairs level of a small oceanfront shopping complex and boardwalk. The restaurant is run by two French men, so...
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D3254, Namibia
While you're in Damaraland, the Organ Pipes are just a short drive away from Twyfelfontein and the Petrified Trees. After paying a small tip for a guide to accompany you (there was no real indication if this is necessary or not so you might just...
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P.O.Box 5140, Divundu, D3430, Namibia
The cheeky signs leading you down the sand road to Ngepi Camp are your first indication this is no ordinary campsite. First, you'll check in at the bar, which is decked out in currency from around the world. The campsites and chalets along the...