Moose McGregor's Desert Bakery

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Baking in the Middle of Nowhere
Moose corrects me as we chat, “It’s not even a town or a village, don’t call it that; it’s more of a pit-stop, really." Solitaire, Namibia, the pit-stop he calls home, is nothing more than a general store, a small lodge, his bakery, and the only gas station for many, many miles. This makes Solitaire an inevitable stop for travelers driving to Soussvlei from Swakopmund or Windhoek. Moose bakes one of the best apple strudels I’ve ever eaten and makes Solitaire worth a visit even if your vehicle has a full tank.

The sun is hot, even at daybreak, and beats down on the vintage tractor and automobiles lining the pathway into Solitaire. The fat cacti and the kitschy general store all add to its undeniable charm. This quirky pit-stop is the perfect photo opp and will linger on your mind long after you continue your journey into the Namib Desert.
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Great Bakery - seriously in the middle of nowhere!
We made a stop in Solitaire on our way to the Namib-Naukluft Lodge. While we weren't far from the lodge, we stopped to gas up the vehicle for the next day. The light had almost gone out of the sky.

A bakery? Here? Why not! The apple pie - for which they are famous - is baked in a rectangular tin and was quite tasty. The Linzer-like cookies (either plain or dipped in chocolate) were incredible. One friend bought muesli bars hoping they would be like Ouma rusks; they were better. Most of all, the people were warm and friendly - so much so that, even though they had been closed for over an hour, they happily served us.

Outside, in front of the bakery, the wonderful collection of abandoned cars made for fun photography for those of us inclined.
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