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A Day Trip from Barcelona to Vic

Home to an ancient Roman temple, a beautiful main square and a stunning Cathedral, Vic is a Barcelona side-trip worth making. Especially since it's only about an hour and half away from Barcelona in train.
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Plaça Major, 08500 Vic, Barcelona, Spain
Tuesdays and Saturdays, browse the wares at the massive open market that takes place in Plaça Major, also known as El Mercadel. Afterwards, sit down in the sun on a Restaurant terrace for a café amb llet or a vermouth, nearby. Generally speaking,...
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Templo Romano, 08500 Vich, Barcelona, Spain
A short walk from Vic's Plaça Major on Pare Xifrer street, check out this 2nd century Roman temple discovered in 1882 underneath an 11th century castle.
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At Vic's Catedral de Sant Pere de Vic, visitors can search out elements from a wide range of European architectural styles including romanesque, gothic, neoclassical and baroque. Don't miss Josep Maria Sert's famous murals inside.
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Plaça Major, 30, 08500 Vic, Barcelona, Spain
Sit down to a drink or a light meal in or around Vic's Plaça Mayor. For a light snack, split an order of torrades (toasted rustic bread piled with local specialties) with a friend. One of my personal favorites is a torrada smeared with tomato and...
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Plaça del Bisbe Oliba, 3, 08500 Vic, Barcelona, Spain
With around 20,000 pieces in its sizeable collection, Vic's Episcopal Museum is home to an amazing collection of Medieval paintings and sculpture, as well as archaeological artifacts like Hispano-Arabic fabrics, as well as dishes, ceramics,...
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Plaça del Bisbe Oliba, 08500 Vic, Barcelona, Spain
Search out Casa Anita Colomer, a Modernista home designed by Josep Maria Pericas i Morros. Zoom in on Art Nouveau details like the wrought iron balcony, unusual window shapes, creative ceramic tile accents and a heavy wooden door.