Safe, serene, and filled with beautiful beaches and natural attractions, Barbados is perfect for families, whether they want a week of water sports and adventure or just somewhere special to spend quality time together. All of Barbados’ beaches are public and the west coast, which faces the Caribbean Sea, is lined with white-sand beaches lapped by calm waters. The most popular beaches feature food shacks and water sports operators offering catamaran, snorkeling, kayak, paddleboard, and dive excursions. Marked by a series of small inlets, Hastings Rock Beach in Christ Church is ideal for families with small children. Batts Rock Beach in Saint Michael parish is close to Bridgetown and very popular with snorkelers. Families can also explore Barbados’ undersea environment via an Atlantis submarine dive. The submersible craft takes passengers up to 150 feet beneath the Caribbean Sea to view colorful coral formations and marine life. The Barbados Wildlife Preserve is located in a mahogany tree grove near Farley Hill National Park in Saint Peter parish. The reserve is designed so travelers can observe agouti, armadillo, brocket deer, pelicans, and caimans interacting in their natural environment. Harrison’s Cave is an underground cavern featuring intricate stalactites and stalagmites. Visitors tour the massive caves by tram, where they will find exhibits and interactive displays.