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Zlatna Ribica

Zlatna Ribica: Hipster Bar in Sarajevo
Zlatna Ribica ("goldfish") Bar in Sarajevo, on Kaptol just north of Marsala Tita, has a Sarajevo-hipster-mixed-with-postwar-intellectual vibe, including the cluttered ephemera-filled decor, the thick cigarette smoke, and the handlebar-mustachioed waiter. Stop by for a rakija or a beer and soak in the atmosphere.

Taking a Trip to the Bathroom in Sarajevo

As any experienced bar-goer knows, you're really going need to visit the bathroom at some point. Zlatna Ribica (Goldfish) in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina has managed to accomplish the nearly impossible: a rare combination of a great bar and a bathroom that merits a visit, even if you don't have to go!  The bar transports you to an Austrian-Hungarian opulence that simply dosen't exist anymore (even in a kitschy way).


The bar is a great place to hang-out and stare at the curiosites while you take part in the great Bosnian tradition of sipping a beverage of your choice. And they have free nuts! And your pastry comes served in a scallop shell!


However, the highlight of the bar may just be going to the toilet. The bathrooms are so fin-de-siecle that you feel like you're going pee 110 years ago, surrounded by every powder, cream, and lotion that you could ever want and so much more.

 If only I had remembered to take my camera with me.



Kaptol, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina