The Kitchen

111 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915, South Africa

On a visit to Cape Town in 2011, Michelle Obama made quite an impression at The Kitchen, a local eatery in Woodstock. It’s easy to see why she—or her staffers—chose this homey spot, stylishly cluttered with an array of retro knickknacks. The former first lady is known for championing a healthy lifestyle, and The Kitchen owner Karen Dudley is no different. Made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, Dudley’s salads and sandwiches promise to deliver wholesome goodness to your taste buds. For a healthy meal followed by a sweet treat, pair the Love Sandwich (filled with avocado, pesto, tomatoes, and onions) with one of Dudley’s divine brownies.

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The Kitchen

Living in New York, we’ve developed a love and loyalty to the bustling neighborhood eateries that locals frequent. Southeast of downtown in the Woodstock community, we found exactly that in the Kitchen and sat down to enjoy our final Cape Town meal. The eccentric gallery and authenticity of a catering company that outgrew the owner, Karen Dudley’s kitchen set the perfect scene to relish our last moments with a deliciously hearty meal and a feels-like-home ambiance. Taking a breath after finishing our breakfast, we noticed a photo reigning in the reality of our imminent departure - First Lady, Michelle Obama in the Kitchen posing with its staff.

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