The Caves

Lighthouse Road, West End, Negril ., Jamaica

The Caves, just west of Negril, is aptly named. While the 12 cottages and one villa sit atop honeycombed cliffs, the Blackwell Rum Bar, a private dining venue, and the massage table of the hotel’s Aveda Concept Spa are actually in underground grottos open to the sea. The setup is very Treasure Island, and the flicker of candlelight and the echo of waves off cave walls make it uniquely romantic. Each of the thatch-roofed cottages is as colorful as a paint box, and each gives a sense of being alone at the end of the land. This is one of music mogul Chris Blackwell’s Island Outpost properties, so the vibe at the Jacuzzi, sauna, or salt-water swimming pool is hip but relaxed. Although famed Seven Mile Beach begins almost where the cliffs end, the hotel itself has no beach, which is why a tradition at the Caves is to begin the day by jumping from the cliffs into the usually calm Caribbean below—or at least thinking about it.

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A Rush & Romance

Next door to the historic Negril lighthouse and not far from the crowded cliffs of Rick’s Cafe, is a more intimate option for both cliff jumping and all-inclusive resort called The Caves. Fit with an outdoor bar, a restaurant built into the caves below and half cut repurposed steel drums sizzling with authentic jerk chicken scenting the ocean breeze this is all you dreamed of Jamaica to be and more. Ideal snorkelling in the turquoise waters below and sunsets that set the ocean aflame as you dine next to the Caribbean sea in a cave set for two.

Troglodyte Lodgings: The Caves in Negril, Jamaica

The cottages at this secluded resort sit atop steep cave-strewn cliffs, where you can dine in a private grotto or take in the scene at the candlelit Cave Rum and Cigar Bar.

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