This three-mile beach, located near Frederiksted at the southwest end of St. Croix, is the longest in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Part of the 380-acre Sandy Point Wildlife Preserve, the beach is an important nesting area for the endangered leatherback turtle. Beach access is via a dirt road, open Saturdays and Sundays. The beach may be closed during turtle-nesting season, from March to August, so check with your hotel before you make the trek.

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Experience Sandy Point, the Best Beach in the Known Universe

Yes, this is a totally biased recommendation. Being born and raised on St. Croix, I know my heart overrules my mind when it comes to this particular beach, but so what! It’s got incredibly white sand, it’s wide, long, possessed of crystal clear waters and utterly alluring. I’ve spent many Sundays perched exactly at this very spot and I can’t recommend you do the same enough. No facilities. No shade. No higglers. No nothing. Just Heaven. But keep in mind it’s also a leatherback turtle nesting ground. Which adds to the natural authenticity of the location, but unfortunately also means the beach is closed during turtle nesting season from April to August. Even outside of nesting season, the refuge is only open to the public from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays and is closed at all other times.

Sandy Point Beach

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Sandy Point

Have you been here? Tell us about it below!

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge

Have you been here? Tell us about it below!

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