Regent’s Park

Chester Rd, London NW1 4NR, UK

Regent’s Park in London lives up to its name and is quite royal, boasting rows of manicured flowers and plants. (There’s also a theater, zoo, and walking paths.) I always make a beeline for the Rose Garden: a circular garden chock-full of roses of various fragrances, shades, and shapes. Benches border the garden and are picturesquely linked by vines and even more flowers. The BBC tower looming in the distance makes an interesting contrast but reminds you that you’re still in the middle of a city. Those with allergies, beware.

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Birding in London

Located within Central London and just north of some of the city’s busiest shopping streets, Regent’s Park is a birder’s paradise. The park has a range of habitats including formal gardens, wildflower meadows, woodlands, grass and scrub brush that support more than 200 species of birds of which 45 breed in the park. The park has one of the largest heronries in a European city and few feathers are ruffled as these herons gracefully pose along the water’s edge.

Secret Garden in Regents Park

It doesn’t often happen that you discover something new and seemingly unspoilt in one of London’s most public spaces. The Secret Garden in Regent’s Park is one of those rare gems. Apparently originally built as a spot for ‘quiet contemplation’, it’s immaculately kept gardens and peaceful atmosphere make it a perfect spot to unwind from the busyness of London life.

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