Generally speaking, shopping isn’t a big draw on St. Vincent, but if you’re searching for the perfect souvenir, you can’t do better than Nzimbu Browne’s famous banana art. Besides tourism, banana production is a driving force behind St. Vincent’s economy. By using the industry’s waste products—the banana leaves—Browne creates sustainable art with a strong sense of place. His works depict local scenes, brought to life with snippets of dried, multicolored leaves. If you’re not into art, he also makes goat-skin drums and tie-dye clothing. His studio is located on McKie’s Hill in Kingstown, but he often sets up shop in front of the Cobblestone Inn on Upper Bay Street.

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Nzimbu Browne Arts & Crafts

Nzimbu Browne, a self-taught artist and musician, creates fascinating “banana art” by using snippets of dried, varicolored banana leaves to fashion intricate local scenes. He also makes goatskin drums and tie-dye clothing! Nzimbu’s studio is on McKie’s Hill in Kingstown, but he sometimes sets up shop on Upper Bay Street in front of Cobblestone Inn.

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