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Nude Espresso

Birthday Suit Optional
The name Nude Espresso might suggest something more racy than you find when you enter this Brick Lane coffee shop. However, if a perfect cup of coffee does it for you, then your pulse may race anyway. And not from the caffeine. Nude takes the creation of a good cup of coffee very seriously so this is the kind of shop for true connoisseurs, not those simply in need of a fix. From the website, "Obtaining the finest coffee is a labour of love. We scour the World hand selecting only the fittest, ripest green beans [...]. We grade them by eye and sort them before putting them through their paces [...]. Only then can they be tasted, blended and packaged, creating the perfect ingredient for a sublime sensory experience." I couldn't have said it better myself. Indeed, a cup of coffee at Nude lives up to the promise of being a sublime sensory experience. Nude really stands for stripping out anything unnecessary from the process of providing a truly excellent cup of coffee, and in simplicity that satisfies, Nude Espresso truly excels.
Nude Espresso - AMAZING coffee in London
Nude Espresso is responsible for pioneering the Third Wave Coffee movement in London. Their roastery, just off London's Brick Lane, is open to the public. It is packed full of roasting equipment and an enviable variety of green and roasted coffee beans.They host coffee cupping sessions twice a month. These sessions provide a perfect opportunity to experiment with varied brews. Their East Blend is perfect for making a velvety cup of coffee at home. You can pick Nude's roasted coffee beans at their Roastery or their Cafés in Brick Lane and Soho Square. Their cafés are tiny and perpetually crowded, but the baristas are always up for a quick chat. Try their espressos, flat whites, or macchiato. The intense flavour and smoothness of Nude's coffees are addictive and will leave you craving for more.

Baring It All at Nude Espresso
It's not at all what it sounds like. The name simply implies going back to the basics and appreciating the art of good coffee without the sugary syrups and unnecessary additives often found in today's coffee culture (thank you, Starbucks!). Nude espresso was a weekly component of my life in London, and I truly wish more Nude Espressos would spring up in other parts of the world. But for now I can keep this little gem as a gentle reminder of the surging gourmet coffee culture in the British capital. Nude Espresso also reminds you that the best way to enjoy the real deal is to have your espresso...well, nude!
Baring It All at Nude Espresso London  United Kingdom

26 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR, UK
+44 7712 899335
Sat, Sun 9:30am - 5pm
Mon - Fri 7am - 5:30pm