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Negril Seven Mile Beach

Shop and Haggle on Seven Mile Beach
Shopping, browsing and haggling at one of Negril Beach's numerous seafront shops is part of the fun. Dotting the white sandy shores are over a dozen independent shacks, tables and mini boutiques selling paintings, wood carvings, colorful Rasta-print sarongs, Bob Marley souvenirs and more trinkets than you can imagine. Some will call out to you as you stroll the beach during the day. Smile and approach or say "no thanks" if you're not interested. When you're ready to buy, make sure to bargain and offer a fair price to start (inquire with your hotel before you start your shopping). These vendors work hard and many are passionate about their skills. A standout is Mason the wood carver, located close to Rondel Village Resort. He makes custom pieces for those who prefer to have their own design. And look out for the mobile vendors too, who sell just about everything you can think of, from fruits to Reggae CDs and jewelry on the go.

Soak Up the Sun and the Scene
Seven Mile is Negril's pride and joy and one of Jamaica's top tourist magnets. One of the longest and most beautiful beaches in Jamaica, it has topped many a list of the Caribbean's and world's best stretches. Aside from endless, powdery white sands and turquoise waters, the beach is infamous for its party vibe—a place where everything and everyone converges, from vendors to vacationing families to nudists. The people-watching is unparalleled, the drinks flow at the numerous beach bars and the reggae plays on. To enjoy the beach at its quietest and marvel at the landscape, get here early in the morning for a peaceful walk—you'll hardly see more than a couple of joggers—and end with a Jamaican breakfast of "ackee and saltfish" at one of the numerous eateries along the stretch.

Walk on the Long Beach
I know this is cliche, but I really do love taking long walks on the beach. Seven Mile Beach makes for a nice 14 mile loop, if you have the stamina. Along the way you will pass many of Negrils' hotels, beach bars, locals trying to sell you random items and fellow beach combers.

Oddities on the Beach
Locals of Negril walk up and down the beach trying to sell basically anything to tourists. I was offered fresh orange juice, fresh coconut water, a massage, a hair braiding session, a Bob Marley serenade, and the list goes on. The most random ... a fresh cooked lobster. Thanks, but no thanks.