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an unsual beach holiday
Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, has been experiencing internal conflict since 1991. Most of the city's building have been hit or destroyed by the on-going warfare and suicide attacks, yet the location of the city among the Indian ocean pristine beach makes it an unsual place for a beach holiday, if one likes the thrill of danger and adventure

Inside an IDP camp near Mogadishu
Hundreds of thousand of persons have fled the internal warfare in Somalia since 1991 and resettled informally around larger cities like Mogadishu. In the recent years, many more have fled due to the drought which has added significant pressure to the food crisis affecting the country.

Ruins of ancient buildings
Mogadishu used to be a destination for business persons and tourists alike before the war, given its historical landmarks and pristine location on the Indian ocean. Few of these buildings remain intact, yet daily life continues as its inhabitants continue their daily chores...

Among ruins of former Government buildings
These two ruins of former Governmental buildings serve as a reminder of the internal conflict which has affected the country for more than two decades. Despite this, its inhabitants enjoy a sunny day at the beach and local fishermen go along their occupation.

Mogadishu, Somalia