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Los Amantes

Learn about the Spanish Romeo and Juliet at Los Amantes in Teruel
Most people know about Romeo and Juliet but few outside Aragon, and fewer still outside Spain know the story of Juan Martínez de Marcilla and Isabel de Segura, known as Los Amantes (the lovers).

Unlike Romeo and Juliet, this isn't the story of two rowdy and disobedient teenagers. Instead of running off together this medieval couple seek sthe approval of Isabel's parents and still meet a tragic end.

Sections on social, political and cultural climate are supposed to make the story more understandable, but I'll admit that as a die-hard romantic, I found the historical background as an explanation for boring, submissive behavior by the female protagonist of the story less than satisfying.

That said, the section on art inspired by the story is interesting enough, and the mausoleum, sculpted by Juan de Ávalos, is quite beautiful.

The morbidly curious can even visit the crypt containing the bodies underneath the museum.
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