Istanbul Archaeology Museums

Cankurtaran, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

The Archaeological Museum, Museum of the Ancient Orient, and Museum of Islamic Art in the gardens of Topkapı Palace make up the trio of Istanbul Archaeology Museums. An array of permanent and temporary exhibits display items from sculptures and sarcophagi from the Archaic and Roman eras to treasures uncovered from archaeological projects in Egypt, Troy, Istanbul and beyond. The Royal Necropolis of Sidon sarcophagi and the oldest peace agreement (set in stone) are just two highlights here.

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Sidon Sarcophagi

The Istanbul archaeology museum blows your mind from the moment you step through the door and confront that massive, leering statue of Bes splaying an upturned lamb. But high among its mind-blowing moments are the rooms devoted to anthropoid (human-shaped) sarcophagi from the royal necropolis of Sidon.

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