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Isla de Mona

Mona Island Sunrise
If you ever have the chance to explore the island that is lingering 30 miles off the southwest coast of Puerto Rico.... then go!

Mona Island is a marine protected area and no-take reserve. You are allowed to venture out there for daily trips to bask in the sun along its pristine beaches, and you can occasionally manage to spend the night with a permit.

The diving here is incredible, the waters are clear and clean with tons of marine life! Step back in time to what the Caribbean used to look like when snorkeling and diving here at Mona.

And the sunrises are something not to be missed. The colors are just magnificent, it truly is a work of God!
Coastal Cruising the Island of Mona
I was out at Mona Island for a work trip, and just fell in love with the beauty of this pristine landscape.

Dive, snorkel and explore all that Mona has to offer, if you can make the 30 mile trip out to it. Talk to local dive shops, or charters, get a group together and pay the pretty penny to experience the best of the Caribbean.

It's worth the price to dive in this marine protected area with beautiful clear waters and tons of marine life!
Coastal Cruising the Island of Mona Mayagüez  Puerto Rico

Turtle Hatching in Mona
I was blessed to be at Mona Island for working for NOAA on a research project at the same time that leatherback sea turtles were hatching.

The group of researchers have been studying and protecting the sea turtles of Mona Island for over 20 years. They monitor the species of turtles that nest there. Just this year (2014) they discovered for the first time in 15 years the leatherback sea turtle nests are back.

I held this baby in my hands, which will later grow to be bigger than me, before it was released that evening in the waters to join the rest of its kind at Mona.

Never ever touch or disturb sea turtle nests along the beach. They are protected federally and locally, and only those with knowledge of handling should be responsible for releasing them into the water after hatching. Alert the local Department of Natural Resources if you come across a turtle nest that is not marked or roped off - there are always scientists monitoring and studying them to continue to protect these beautiful creatures.
Turtle Hatching in Mona Mayagüez  Puerto Rico

Isla de Mona, Mayagüez 00680, Puerto Rico