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Dinosaur Provincial Park

Great Name, Old Bones
Dinosaur Provincial Park has more than a great name; the park also features dino bones (check them out on the self-guided interpretive trails or on a tour), an excellent museum, and some of the most beautiful countryside in Alberta, from hoodoo-packed badlands to lush river valley.

Dinosaur is a UNESCO World Heritage site of the highest order, and more than 40 species of dinosaurs have been found here. Roll out on an expedition with one of the park's fantastic guides, camp out under the stars while moose and pelicans sing you to sleep, and test your photographic skill with one of the park's ardent photo enthusiasts; my first night in Dino, I met a palaeontologist/astrophotographer who taught me a lesson in all-night, star-trail photography. We sat up on a bluff near Fossil Display #2, sipped from 2-liter bottles of cola to keep us awake, and shot photo after photo of Alberta's ever restless summer sky.

[Flash traveled to Alberta courtesy of Travel Alberta.]
Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta
One of the best parks in the world, and one of the least well known, Dinosaur Provincial Park should be at the top of everyone’s bucket lists. A UNESCO World heritage Site as well, Dinosaur Provincial Park is home to the richest deposit of dinosaur fossils in the world. 40 different species have been found here and a ranger led hike takes visitors to see some of these finds as they lay in the ground.
Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta  Iddesleigh  Canada

Sunset Walk at Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta
Dinosaur Provincial Park offers programs for all types of travelers, but for shutterbugs the best is without a doubt the sunset walk. A ranger escorts guests through some of the park’s most beautiful landscapes at sunset, capturing the beauty of the Badlands during the Golden Hour.
Sunset Walk at Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta   Iddesleigh  Canada

Alberta, Canada
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