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Carousel Bakery Ltd.

The Original Peameal Bacon Sandwich
Stationed inside the St. Lawrence Market, a veritable treasure trove of edible goodness, Carousel Bakery is where you'll find Hogtown's original peameal bacon sandwich which manages to be both lunch and a history lesson all in one.

Curing pork wasn't something locals were familiar with until Englishman William Davies popped across the Atlantic in 1854. Opting to start up his own pork company, the Brit helped endow the city with its four-footed moniker.

Anyways, the sandwich is jacked with peameal, smeared with mustard and tucked into a country bun. You can put other fixings on it, but the Carousel peeps may frown upon this impure act.

Hey, if Anthony Bourdain ate here, that's reason enough to go.
St. Lawrence Market's Portuguese Tarts
You may know the famous peameal bacon sandwich as a main staple of the Carousel Bakery in the St. Lawrence Market of Toronto but yet another foodie must have is the Portuguese tart.

For breakfast, lunch, dinner or even if you are about to ruin your appetite for any of those three this sweet custard filled tart is one of the best this side of world.
I had it for breakfast after I barely finished half of my hearty peameal bacon sandwich.
St. Lawrence Market's Portuguese Tarts Toronto  Canada

Canadian bacon, eh!
It’s funny… you live in a city for so long that you forget to go exploring. Sometimes you need to be a tourist in your own city to re-discover those famous places that seem to grab the attention of oh-so-many visitors. Like today, while taking some exchange students to the famous St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto, I came across about 10,000 posts about how good the peameal (or Canadian) bacon sandwiches were at this place called "Carousel" that was located in the market. Then it hit me - I had never had a peameal bacon sandwich anywhere, forget about the most famous place in the city! For $5 in change, how could I go wrong... it was soo fantastic! The bread was fresh, and the meat cooked to deliciousness. So I guess the lesson learned is sometimes you just need to explore your own backyard to find the best life has to offer?
Canadian bacon, eh!  Toronto  Canada

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