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Bar Chez Baptiste

The Oldest Neighborhood Pub in le Plateau
Chez Baptiste has been open since 1922 and although it recently underwent a rejuvenating identiity change, it still holds that old-world mystique that only places this old can have.

Times have changed. Fashion has changed. Residents have changed. And the people to go into Baptiste too. Especially those who are hockey fans -- hockey players are now paid millions, and they even wear a mask.

To think of how different things were when Baptiste open is mind-boggling. But one thing I'm certain is that the staff still serve the finest brews with the same sincere smile at their predecessor.

Often described as a "best friends hangout", the watering hole is mostly frequented by regulars, groups of friends that simply want to grab a few pints and make new world domination plans together (that's what friends do, right?)

At Baptiste, the stress is left out of the door and that's when the fun starts. Good times ahead, folks.

1045 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montréal, QC H2J 1X7, Canada
+1 514-522-1384
Sun - Sat 2pm - 3am