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Antigua Distillery

Step Up to English Harbour Rum
Produced by Antigua Distillery, the same company that also makes Antigua and Barbuda’s most popular dark rum, Cavalier, as well as Nut Power (a peanut-flavored rum cream made with the tree bark and reputed sexual stimulant known as bois bande), English Harbour 5-Year Reserve is that special kind of rum that delivers delightful drinks above its price range. No, it's not the most expensive rum Antigua Distillery makes, not even the second most expensive, but it is a polished copper colored, easy-drinking rum that rewards drinkers with hints of coconut, cinnamon, spice and smoke all wrapped up in this mature spirit.

Pair Your Beach Going With This Local Lager
The local beer of choice in Antigua & Barbuda, Wadadli is also the original Amerindian name for Antigua. The beer was launched in 1993 by Antigua Brewery Ltd., which also produces the twin-island country’s supply of Red Stripe, Carib and Guiness, as well as a variety of soft drinks. Wadadli, though, is the most cherished among the lot by local residents and most beer-loving visitors to the island.

Wadadli is the quintessential Caribbean beach beer. An easy-drinking champagne colored lager that refreshingly finishes light and crisp.

You probably can't throw a stone on Antigua without hitting someplace that sells this national treasure, so stock up, grab some ice, and hit one of the islands 365 fabled beaches!

Just remember, Antigua and Barbuda are the only places to get Wadadli, so when you're heading home, the party's over.

Buckleys, Antigua and Barbuda
+1 268-460-0300