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Andrew Molera State Park

Hiking in the Big Sur area
We hiked the Ridge, Panorama and Bluffs Loop trail. A 7.5 mile trail with a 1300 ft elevation gain. You can see the ocean to the left and beautiful mountains to the right as you hike along the Ridge Trail portion, the trail then dips down towards the ocean and around along the coastline.

This image was taken on the Panorama Trail portion of the loop.

You do have to watch for poison oak as there were parts of the trail that looked like people hadn't been on it for some time. When we got back to camp, we immediately took off all our clothes to be washed and wiped our skin and boots down with Technu- http://www.teclabsinc.com/store/poison-oak-ivy/tecnu-extreme.

Afterwards, we drove down to Cafe Kevah, which is right next to Nepenthe for a meal. Tip- Cafe Kevah has great food and far less expensive than Nepenthe. Another bonus is that the views are exactly the same. Cafe Kevah is basically a huge outdoor patio that is rarely crowded since most people don't seem to know about it and opt instead for the expensive and better known Nepenthe restaurant.

45500 CA-1, Big Sur, CA 93920, USA
+1 831-667-2315