For oceanfront dining, Agua is a good bet among the tangle of so-so restaurants lining the city’s beaches. The Mediterranean menu focuses on fresh, simply prepared seafood, and there’s also a quality selection of Spanish rice dishes, steaks, and salads. The terrace sits right at the edge of the sand—and as you might expect, it’s a hot ticket in warmer weather, so book ahead accordingly. Rumor has it the service here can be hit or miss, but you might not mind if you keep your eye on the sapphire Mediterranean and your focus on the celestial flavors. Vegetarian options are also available.

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Agua - Romantic dinner by the sea

I get home after a long day touring with my clients, and I need to relax and totally disconnect. So I head to Agua with my husband for a romantic dinner by the sea. I love it! Good food, dinner by the candlelight, and for background some palm trees, the moon and the waves of the see. Is there anything else I can ask for?

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