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You Can Rent the Beach House From “The Undoing” on Airbnb

By Sarah Buder

Dec 2, 2020

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This Long Island beach house was featured as a filming location on HBO’s six-part miniseries.

Courtesy of Airbnb

This Long Island beach house was featured as a filming location on HBO’s six-part miniseries.

Fans of the gripping HBO drama can stay at the real-life beach house where Grace Fraser escapes from media attention after Elena Alves’s murder.

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for HBO’s six-part series, The Undoing.

If you were among the 3 million viewers who tuned in for the November 29 season finale of HBO’s The Undoing, you know that the Fraser family beach house plays an important role in resolving the show’s central mystery: Who killed Elena Alves?

The Long Island abode appears in the second episode of the series when Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman) and her son Henry (Noah Jupe) flee to their family beach house after a mother at Henry’s school is murdered and Grace’s husband, Jonathan (Hugh Grant), disappears simultaneously. Fans might’ve been shocked to learn how the massive seaside mansion helps reveal the killer’s identity after six suspenseful episodes. They might be even more surprised to learn that the rustic beach house is a real-life getaway in East Marion, New York, and it’s available to rent on Airbnb.

For $1,085 a night, guests can stay in the three-story, six-bedroom home, which has a huge kitchen with two sinks and ovens, as well as a 14-person dining table. According to the listing, the home was built in 1893 as a Coast Guard lifesaving station and sits on three acres of land on Long Island’s North Fork. The property also includes a large yard with a swimming pool, outdoor shower, and 300 feet of private beach on the Long Island Sound. 

The property features 300 feet of private beach on the Long Island Sound, where scenes from HBO’s “The Undoing” were filmed.


The Undoing director Susanne Bier and set decorator Keri Lederman told Architectural Digest that the production team kept many of the home’s vintage furnishings intact to help achieve the desired old-money look and feel of the home, which in the show was owned by Grace’s wealthy father, Franklin Reinhardt (Donald Sutherland). “We wanted to maintain the sense that this house hadn’t been radically changed,” Bier told AD.

Guests who stay at the North Fork vacation rental might recognize a number of its bohemian furnishings just as they were featured in The Undoing. Avid HBO viewers might even recognize the property from a previously aired show; the North Fork farmhouse also served as a filming location for the aptly titled “Beach House” episode on season three of HBO’s Girls.

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