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Diptyque’s U.S. City-Inspired Candles Are Back for a Limited Time

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Three of the nine scents—including New York—in Diptyque’s City Candle collection are available online for a limited time.

Courtesy of Diptyque

Three of the nine scents—including New York—in Diptyque’s City Candle collection are available online for a limited time.

From now until May 24, you can buy the candles inspired by New York, Miami, and Beverly Hills from this exclusive collection.

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While many people rely on photographs to trigger their happiest travel memories, scent can also bring back strong reminders of your favorite places. The trouble is, it’s way easier to scroll through your Instagram feed than remember the exact scent of the blossoming magnolia trees in Miami last spring. But thanks to French perfumer Diptyque, you can bring these memorable smells straight to your home—without leaving your house.

Typically, Diptyque’s City Candle collection is only available at Diptyque boutiques in each of the nine cities—from Hong Kong to Paris—that inspire the scents. But from now until May 24, 2020, the three U.S. cities featured in the collection are available in limited quantities online for $74 each, free shipping included. 

Here’s where you can be transported with a flick of a match.

New York Candle

Buy Now: $74, diptyqueparis.com

No, the New York candle doesn’t smell like the piles of garbage locals may like to complain about. Poured into a glass with a golden art deco motif, this candle is scented with cedar wood, vetiver, patchouli, and incense to bring to mind the city’s legendary nightlife and speakeasies.

Miami Candle

Buy Now: $74, diptyqueparis.com

Packaged in a bright green glass decorated with banana leaves, the Miami candle has a delicate magnolia blossom base with citrusy top notes to remind you of Florida’s signature dessert: Key lime pie.

Beverly Hills Candle

Buy Now: $74, diptyqueparis.com

A refreshing mix of mint, lemon, and white flowers, the Beverly Hills candle is packaged in a teal glass with yellow palm fronds that pay homage to the iconic Martinique wallpaper at the Beverly Hills Hotel

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The other six international city-inspired candles in this collection are currently not on sale online. But once stores reopen and international travel is possible once again, you can find these candles at Diptyque boutiques in the cities that inspired the scents.

  • Tokyo Candle: With hints of cypress and incense, this woody-scented candle is inspired by the trees and temples in Tokyo’s Yoyogi and Shinjuku Gyoen parks.
  • Paris Candle: Based on the mossy chypre (“sheep-ra”) scent found in many classic French perfumes with a hint of lavender, the Paris candle is meant to transport you to the chic Saint Germain neighborhood.
  • Shanghai Candle: Scented with osmanthus flowers and green tea, the Shanghai candle will bring back memories of a traditional tea ceremony. Even the box it comes packed in is inspired by Huxinting, Shanghai’s oldest teahouse.
  • London Candle: The spicy floral scent of the London candle is meant to transport you to the city’s Columbia Road flower market with hints of heliotrope, lilac, juniper, and hyacinth.
  • Hong Kong Candle: A mix of floral and vanilla scents, the Hong Kong candle brings to mind the city’s urban density with a base of Bauhinia blakeana—or Hong Kong orchid tree. 
  • Berlin Candle: With packaging inspired by the Bauhaus movement, the Berlin candle smells like the city’s blossoming linden tree–lined boulevards with hints of honey.  

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