Reveling in Seattle’s Rich Arts—And Getting a Buzz

Reveling in Seattle’s Rich Arts—And Getting a Buzz

Our third and final day of AFAR Experiences-Seattle programming (read about day one and day two) started in the chilly bean room of Caffe Vita and ended in the majestic Smith Tower, overlooking the city.

At Caffe Vita, green bean buyer Daniel Shewmaker gave us an overview of history’s deep history with coffee, from Peet’s to Starbucks to the recent burst of third-wave cafes.

Daniel Shewmaker of @CaffeVita is here to wake us up. #afarseattle — AFAR Experiences (@AFARExperiences) March 9, 2014

Dominic Holden, the Stranger’s news editor and an outspoken marijuana activist, discussed Washington’s recent legalization of pot, and the repercussions for Seattle and the rest of the country.

Now we talk about weed. “Stoners aren’t the most sympathetic characters.” Struggles of legalization. -@dominicholden — AFAR Experiences (@AFARExperiences) March 9, 2014

We then went to the Smith Tower, which was at one point the tallest building on the west coast. From the observation deck on the 35th floor, surrounding the Chinese Room, we had a 360-degree view of the city on a marvelously clear day. Editor of City Arts magazine Leah Baltus talked about the rich Seattle arts scene, and what factors contribute to the city being a hotbed for the arts. She brought with her a number of local luminaries in the dance, visual art, and performance art scenes.

At the Chinese Room @TheSmithTower, an incredible view of #seattle #afarseattle — AFAR Experiences (@AFARExperiences) March 9, 2014

Challenge for #seattle is to not just be a Petrie dish but to also be a beacon. -Leah Baltus #afarseattle — AFAR Experiences (@AFARExperiences) March 9, 2014

“For #Seattle, the arts is a strategy to create the kind of city we want to be.” -@RandyEngstrom #AFARSeattle @SeaOfficeofArts — AFAR Experiences (@AFARExperiences) March 9, 2014

We also had the opportunity of seeing Petra Franklin’s incredible apartment at the very top of the building—adventurous attendees climbed further—all the way to the glass globe 462 feet above the city.

And then, suddenly and sadly, it was over. Thank you to all of our attendees for being such eager and attentive listeners. We hope to see you all at our next event, in Mexico City in October!

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