Why You Should Give Students the Gift of Travel This Holiday Season

Donate to nonprofit Learning AFAR to send high schoolers—who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to travel—on life-changing trips abroad.


Travel is the best form of education. Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve held dear this wisdom from my mom about how travel shapes our perspectives and adds richness to our lives.

Let’s face it: We live in an increasingly polarized world. Modern technology makes it easy to live in an echo chamber. The way we see the world grows more myopic. Over time, this distorted view makes us fearful and closed off, supporting a zero-sum reality where it’s us versus them.

I believe a different vision of the future is possible—as does AFAR co-founder Greg Sullivan. That’s why we started Learning AFAR in 2009. Because travel is the best form of education, we launched a nonprofit funding travel abroad for under-resourced high school students with their peers, to help open their minds and hearts and give them the chance to see what’s possible.

The confidence they gain from new experiences has a profoundly positive impact on their lives and their communities.

We’ve served more than 1,500 students since launch; when these young people come back from the Learning AFAR trips, they are invariably changed individuals. They see opportunity in the world. The confidence they gain from new experiences has a profoundly positive impact on their lives and their communities.

The challenges of today’s divided world, and with education being increasingly underfunded, means students without the resources to travel need these kind of experiences more than ever—and your help makes the difference. By giving to Learning AFAR you support the next generation of leaders, kids who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to travel. Taking these new travelers outside their comfort zones on their first-ever trips overseas, with guides and educators providing support, fosters cultural exchange and helps students learn to live in harmony with their neighbors and the planet. Please help change these young lives by donating to Learning AFAR for Giving Tuesday. Your generous contribution is a crucial step in giving today’s youth the tools they need to be the change we hope to see in this world.

Joe Diaz is the cofounder of AFAR. You can reach Joe at joe@afar.com.
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