Temple of Heaven
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Exploring New Heights in Beijing!
Tourists are sure to hit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square while visiting Beijing. But don't miss the Temple of Heaven, located just south of the Forbidden City exit gates. It's a beautiful walk through gardens and temples, which lead you high above the Beijing skyline. On a clear day, you can see past the Forbidden City, as ancient landmarks meet modern architecture. It's a must see!
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Singing and Laughing
This man was one of my highlights in the entrance to Beijing's Temple of Heaven. Along the way, I took in the dominoes players, the entertainers, the dancers and the singers - all playing along to the crowd as their forefathers did hundreds of years before.
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Day Trip to Heaven
Admiring China's stunning architecture on a clear afternoon.
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The Iconic Temple of Heaven
The Temple of Heaven is a pretty well-known landmark of Beijing, and is, therefore, heavily touristed. All the same, it was certainly worth visiting. The temple itself is very ornate and beautiful, but beyond that was what we found interesting. The park ground surrounding the temple were a cultural window if you looked close enough. Locals gather to play board games, join impromptu choirs, or do dance lessons. There are people jumping, skipping, and singing as they walked through the green grounds. Taking it all in was a bit of a culture shock.

Full Account Here: http://aliscottwhatwegetupto.blogspot.ca/2012/03/beijing-day-2.html
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Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven is a place where Emperors of Ming-Qing dynasties used to pray for good harvest and peace, stable society.
From the name you might think it only refers to a construction. But it actually contains than one more. I was quiet surprised by its construction based on Chinese philosophy and doctrine and stories behind each building
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The Echo of Times
It was my last week in China after studying with a Qi Gong master and touring medical facilities that our group came to Beijing. This very spot fascinated me. Bending to speak into the rounded wall sent the sound right back to me into my other ear. Even a whisper could be heard. My mind was boggled.
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