Breakfast Anyone?
It's only very recently that Koreans have adopted the Western-style breakfast. In days of yore, it was kimchi and rice, local style. Nowadays, the breakfast and brunch trend in Seoul is booming, and in addition to the thousands of coffee shops serving up assorted bagels and muffins, one can actually get a real, hot morning meal. Breakfast anyone?

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A Morning Warmer in Seoul

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Evidently Lord Stow's Bakery is a Macau-based chain with a handful of locations in Asia, but we weren't aware of that as we found it while strolling through Seoul on a frigid February morning. We simply saw the cute-as-a-button, closet-sized space with tarts in the window and went in, seeking heat and a bite to eat. The one worker (I don't think there's room for more) had just pulled these eggy little delights out of the oven. It was the perfect time to eat them. Warming, subtly sweet, and served with a friendly welcome, they—and the young woman who made them—were a simple yet memorable part of our super-quick visit to Seoul.

The address:
Kim's Pass Co
Dae Hyun 60-8 Dong
Suo Dae Mung, Seoul

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