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Traditional Eats in Stockholm

From Swedish meatballs and Japanese sushi to Greek souvlaki and French crepes, here are some traditional restaurants worth sampling in Stockholm.
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Högalidsgatan 40, 117 30 Stockholm, Sweden
If you walk into a Lebanese restaurant and there’s a traditional wedding party going on that looks straight out of Beirut, chances are its menu is pretty close to authentic. And if you want to leave in a food coma, Libanesen’s 18-item Mezza grill...
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Tjärhovsgatan 4, 116 21 Stockholm, Sweden
If you're looking for traditional Swedish food, called "Husmanskost," check out Kvarnen, which serves a wide range of dishes like meatballs, pickled herring, reindeer, and more. On my last trip to Kvarnen with a visiting friend, we dug into...
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Rörstrandsgatan 9, 113 41 Stockholm, Sweden
When it comes to sushi, Stockholm has a ton of really good restaurants that serve up the freshest fish and shellfish dishes. Even my neighborhood sushi joint, with its four tables, serves up succulent salmon (lax) sushi that just melts in your...
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Bondegatan 54, 116 33 Stockholm, Sweden
From Souvlaki to Tzatziki, if you're craving flavors from Greece, then Sonjas Grek, a fabulous restaurant on the island of Södermalm, is a solid choice and will certainly deliver. Make sure to leave room for the crème brûlée.
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Stockholm, Sweden
August is definitely the month for crawfish (crayfish) parties all over Sweden, and it’s also a great opportunity to hang with friends, sing indecipherable songs, and down some tasty adult beverages. Many restaurants and cruises offer...
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Humlegårdsgatan 1, 114 46 Stockholm, Sweden
You can dig into the freshest seafood in town at Lisa Elmqvist in Östermalms Saluhall, a popular food market open since 1888. It serves Swedish classics like fried salted herring with onions and cream, salt-cured salmon with dill-creamed potatoes,...
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Fjällgatan 23B, 116 28 Stockholm, Sweden
You don't have to be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy tasty spreads with various vegetable-based casseroles, salads, and hot dishes at Hermans. This eatery also has incredible views of Stockholm Harbor overlooking Gamla stan and Djurgården.