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The Best Places to Go Stargazing in Kenya

If stargazing from an outdoor shower or luxurious rooftop bed is your idea of heaven, look no further. Kenya’s close proximity to the equator means that, if you stay up long enough, you’ll get to see both the northern and southern constellations in one night’s sky. Now that’s one for the bucket list! Here are the most romantic and downright mesmerizing places to spend the night in Kenya and enjoy the stars.
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Laikipia County, Kenya
What if you could spend the night in the middle of hundreds of acres of wild scrubland—where large herds of elephant graze, gazelles bound,andelusive leopards patrol—with nothing between you and the canopy of stars but a thinblack mosquito net?...
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Live a childhood fantasy and spend the night in the treetops. Deep in the Ngare Ndare forest, just north of Mount Kenya, a tree platform and a suspended canopy walkway allow adventurous souls to camp out high among the branches. As darkness...
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Kalama Community Conservancy, Kenya
Architects clearly had fun designing Saruni Samburu, an eco-lodge tucked away in the private Kalama Conservancy in central Kenya. Set on a giant outcropping of volcanic rock, stone serves as furniture and structure in the six spacious...
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Chyulu Hills, Kenya
Nestled in a stunning but lesser-visited part of Kenya known as the Chuylu Hills is Ol Dunyo, a luxurious lodge with a big focus on sustainable tourism. Here, eight of the ten private cottages have their own swimming pool, and all enjoy roof...
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Timau, Kenya
Accomplished horse-riders who also have a love for the universe, this is the activity for you. Olepangi Farm, a beautiful lodge and horse ranch in central-northern Kenya, offer 5 day horse riding safari's through the beautiful, wild landscape of...
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Central Island National Park is set in northern Kenya in the middle of Lake Turkana - a jade-blue inland sea that is filled with crocodiles. The park itself is made up of three active volcanoes that puff and smoke their way from day to day. Here,...