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Aruba: Five Local Favorites on One Happy Island

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The 19-mile-long island of Aruba packs in a fascinating array of experiences. The west side, including Palm Beach, is abuzz with hotels, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. And water activities like snorkeling and kite surfing mostly set out from these beaches. The north of the island is just the opposite—rugged and wild—while the southeastern city of San Nicolas pulses to a Carubbian beat. There are countless ways to find happiness on Aruba; here are five local favorites to get you started.
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Dramatic boulders, rock art, and enigmatic formations can be found all over Aruba. A few of the more impressive sites have been developed with walking trails for visitors and are open to explore free of charge. One notable example is Casibari, in...
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Eagle Beach, Aruba

There's no wonder this pristine strand on the northwest coast is a Caribbean favorite: Its powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters are the stuff of screen savers, and the gnarled fofoti tree is practically an icon. Positioned in...

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Savaneta 270, Savaneta, Aruba
Enjoy fresh seafood right from the source at this local spot in Savaneta, a seaside town that was once the capital of Aruba. Enjoy a cold Chill beer as you wait on line. The menu, in both Papiamento and English is simple. Once it's your turn, be...
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Legend has it that Aruba was named “oro ruba” (red gold) by the first adventurers who landed here. It took a few hundred years until gold was actually found in 1824, but then mining quickly got underway. On the rugged northern coast, Bushiribana...
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San Nicolas, Aruba
Known as the Sunrise City for its location at Aruba’s southeastern tip, San Nicolas has rich multicultural roots. The streets are full of art and the sounds of Caribbean music, like calypso and tumba—especially during the Carubbian Festival held...