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Seven Lives Tacos y Mariscos

The Best Tacos in Toronto
Toronto is little bit obsessed with tacos right now, with full service, hyper designer or hipster restaurants opening every month. Proving that sometimes simple is best, SEVEN LIVES is basically a "barely there" food stall in the middle of multi-ethnic Kensington Market. What this place lacks in design and ambiance is more than made up for by the best fish and seafood tacos this far north of Mexico - verdad!

p.s. it's hidden and a little hard to find the 1st time, but you shall persist.

Toronto's Best Tacos at Seven Lives
When a friend told me to head to Seven Lives for the best tacos in Toronto, I was somewhat skeptical. Being a native of Texas, my standards for carne asada, pulled pork and salsa have been set really high.

Seven Lives exceeded my expectations. In one of Toronto’s coolest areas, Kensington Market, the shop is small and lively. Bright colors of fresh squeezed watermelon and mango cantaloupe juice greet you, as well as the southwestern chic décor filled with succulents and retro lit signs. And then, there’s the menu: get a Pulp en Mole Verde- octopus with pumpkin seed mole. Or, try a Baja Fish Taco- battered deep friend mahi mahi with cream sauce- or a Mushroom and Cactus vegetarian taco with grilled cheese.

With two corn tortillas around each taco to support all of the goodness inside, the tacos at Seven Lives will surely surpass your expectations also, and bring you in to your own state of taco nirvana.

Grange Park, Toronto, ON, Canada