Royal Alcázar of Seville

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Eleven centuries into its existence, the elegant and sophisticated Alcázar is testament to the idea that good design transcends time. The palace, still the residence of the royal family when in Seville, invites wandering. You’ll find peaceful walled gardens enclosed by arches, rooms with intricately plastered and tiled walls and, beneath the gardens, the dramatically vaulted cistern, Baños de Doña María de Padilla. The palaces, pools, patios and gardens have been used as locations for Game of Thrones and Lawrence of Arabia.

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Alcazar in Sevilla, Spain

This ceiling in one of the rooms in the Alcazar in Sevilla, Spain makes you feel as if you are staring into the heavens. The hypnotic effect provided by the shimmering gold made me want to lay on the floor and look up for hours.

Passages of the royal palace in Seville, Spain

On a warm summer afternoon my daughters and I threaded our way through the cool array of courtyards, elaborately tiled chambers and sculpted gardens of the Alcázar, the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe.

Royal Alcázar of Seville - layers of architectural styles

For years, we were planning a trip to Andalusia together with friends. I always thought of Cordoba and Granada, little did I know of the cultural jewel in Seville! The Real Alcazar- probably the oldest palace in Europe still in use and a UNESCO heritage site- bears witness of moorish craftsmanship, integrating Christian and Spanish symbols into the Moorish designs (built after the Reconquista). The carvings and mosaics leave you in awe for their intricate designs and patterns, gold shimmering dome of the Embassador hall, giving the impression of a start studded sky and lots more to be marvelled at. Once done with the complex of the palaces, enjoy the gardens with very ancient trees! If you are looking for a short cultural sightseeing trip around autumn or spring (not Easter!) , Seville is a recommendation. Read on:

Green window

Beautifully lit window inside the Royal Alcazar of Seville

Dreamy arches of the Alcazar

I’ve always had a very romantic notion of Seville. It’s the land of flamenco after all. And when we visited the city last summer, our night strolls of the cobble stoned streets affirmed all my romantic ideas. Exploring the halls and gardens of the Alcazar was also one of the highlights. The grounds are beautiful and it’s easy for one to close their eyes and imagine what it would have been like to live in this place. For a perfect day, start your day with churros con chocolate before sight seeing. And end it with plenty of tapas and wine from an authentic taperia. And don’t miss out on a beautiful drive out in the countryside!

The Gardens of the Alcazar, Sevilla, Spain

Even more beautiful in the Rain, the Alcazar enjoys a long and storied history. Incredible tiles, inlays, ponds and architecture. A must do in Sevilla, the most Moorish of all Spainish towns.

Interior of the Alcazar

A must see in Sevilla. The beautiful Alcazar and gardens. Originally a Fort, it was mostly built for King Peter I, as a gift by a Moor.

The beautiful sculpted gardens of the Alcázar

Indoors and out, the views throughout the Alcázar blend intricacy, pattern, geometry, function and beauty.

Vibrant color in the palace garden

This wall in the gardens of the Alcázar is a showcase of magenta blossoms. The garden is open to stroll and find escape from afternoon heat on the shady paths.

Sunny Gardens, Cool Interiors

Oldest royal palace in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Alcazar features exquisite Moorish architecture and lush, sunny gardens.

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