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Plaza de España

The heady scent of jasmine in Sevilla
The most beautiful square in Spain is the Plaza de Espana in Sevilla. Huge, filled with intricate mosaic work depicting the history of the different regions in Spain and waterfalls, lakes and imposing architecture, in summer, it is also filled with one of the most famous and intoxicating scents in Sevilla, Jasmine. Stand and breathe in the fragrance that inspired a thousand lovers on hot summer nights..
La Feria Sevilla
I was not sure what to expect when I visited the city of Seville. It was supposed to be a side trip for my vacation, a short train ride from Madrid. But what I didn't realize when I went there, the city was celebrating their annual La Feria Sevilla and it turned out to be one of the better decisions I made on my travels. A week when the whole city celebrated made the whole city very colorful and alive. Girls were wearing their traditional dresses and dancing flamenco. Guys on their traditional suits. It was just lovely. Everyone was so beautiful.
La Feria Sevilla Seville  Spain

Flamenco Dresses
On the walking street In the old town, many traditional stores still survive.
Flamenco Dresses Seville  Spain

Plaza de España on a Sunny Day in Sevilla
Do not miss Plaza de España when you visit Sevilla. The unique architecture is elegant yet whimsical and on a nice day the canal sparkles in the sunlight. Though often bustling with visitors, the complex is spacious enough to feel open and comfortable. If you've got the money and want to go full tourist on the place. rent a boat to paddle along the canal or hire a horse drawn carriage to lead you on a tour of the historic center of Sevilla.
Plaza de España on a Sunny Day in Sevilla Seville  Spain

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