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Quartier de Poterie

Quartier de Poterie | Moroccan Pottery Workshop Tour
Quartier de Poterie – where I watched Moroccan artisans create plates, tiles, bowls, fountains etc. from clay to, man gauged wood fired kiln, to hand painting, and finished glazed products for sale in the shop.
Beautiful items but poor business tactics
This is a great place to see how the Moroccan mosaics are made but buyer beware. I purchased a mosaic here, custom made for my kitchenette and shipped to the United States. The factory owner assured me the piece will arrive safely without harm, but if anything does happen, he will take care of it. If it was broken or anything he has insurance. Well, my mosaic arrived and it had stress factors everywhere on the grout lines. If I were to lift up the mosaic vertically all the small pieces will fall off. I emailed the owner of the factory over and over again, but he is silent. No response whatsoever. Even my tour guide tried contacting him (so he tells me), but I am left with a mosaic with no structural integrity. I will need to find someone to fix it here in the US. I am just a trusting person and want to believe that people are good in this world. I have traveled a lot and I still believe the vast majority of people are good. Once in a blue moon I run into dishonest people who don't stand behind their word.
Beautiful items but poor business tactics Fes  Morocco

Avenue Ahmed Bel Frej, Fès 30050, Morocco