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Punta Vicente Roca

Take Penguin Diving Lessons
The Galapagos penguin is cute. Rediculously cute. Especially when doing its very best to teach an uncoordinated adventurer how to swim in rough waters near Isabela Island.

The Galapagos is the only penguin able to survive north of (in this case, directly on) the equator, thanks in part to the chilly waters brought to the islands thanks to the Humboldt Current. They're also spectacular, if not somewhat impatient, diving instructors, keen on showing off their sensational underwater skills for anyone brave enough to test the icy depths. Metropolitan Touring arranged all of my snorkeling expeditions, and can also arrange some of the world's most spectacular dives.
Cruise the Coast
Besides being one of the most picturesque spots in the Galapagos, Punta Vicente Roca, at the northern tip of Isabela Island, is also an ideal place to snorkel. On our undersea expedition we saw sharks, sea turtles, penguins, marine lizards, and more.

This spot also provided for some memorable landscape photos; the stark terrain here is spectacular, and notable for a number of underwater caverns and lava tubes that can be explored on special expeditions.
Cruise the Coast  Galápagos Islands  Ecuador

Isabela Island, Ecuador